XpressVal Valuation Suite

xpress val

The development of WBP’s proprietary valuation management technology was fuelled by the company’s driving ambition to set the industry benchmark in valuation technology. 

WBP Property Group places a high priority on continually developing its people and systems to ensure clients receive the best service in the industry. XpressVal has transformed the way valuers collect information, process it and transfer it to the client.

XpressVal combines wireless Tablet technology with WBP’s custom designed valuation software and robust database, which is written in line with LIXI standards.

XpressVal has increased the efficiency of its valuations division with a significant improvement in its processing and turnaround times since the first Tablet was rolled out in March 2004. Average turnaround times for residential valuations have fallen to less than two days, with numerous examples of two, three and four hour turnarounds.

  • XpressCentral - Master Database

  • XpressMobile - Mobile Field Software

  • XpressSketch - Time-saving Sketcher

  • XpressDataExchange - Seamless Data Transfer

  • XpressManagement - Automated Compliance-Checking Tool

  • Auto Send Module - Automatically sends reports that have passed WBP's Quality Control process.

High-Tec and Eco Friendly

tabletThe XpressVal suite of products equips WBP's valuers with mobile technology that allows them to complete valuations in the field anywhere in Australia, and electronically submit completed reports from the field in areas covered by a mobile phone network.

This processes is entirely paperless, contributing to the prevention of pollution and the reduction of waste; an important strategy in the minimisation of WBP’s carbon footprint.