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Buyers advocates or buyers agents assist people wanting to buy property find and acquire the property, or investment property, that suits their financial and social requirements. Buyers advocates only work for purchasers. A buyers advocates thoroughly understands property and their aim is to help their clients buy the right property the first time.

Everyone has to start somewhere and as you may hear buyers advocates say, all Australian capital cities offer investors the opportunity to buy low and work their way up the property ladder, if they know what to look for.

Living right on Sydney Harbour or in Melbourne’s leafy suburb of Toorak is the great Australian real estate dream. Most people, of course, figure they don’t earn enough to ever realise that dream. Most people are wrong. Buyers advocates are helping make this dream a reality for buyers everyday.

Buyers advocates can help ambitious and idealistic homeowners secure an upmarket address in Melbourne’s Toorak, Brisbane’s Hamilton, North Adelaide or South Perth. So it is not what you earn or what sort of job you need to have to live in these elite locations, it’s about the strategy you and your buyers advocates put in place when investing in complex residential markets that will get you there.

Buyers advocates look at their clients financial situation and property goals and provide advice to their clients for making it onto the first run of the property ladder. Common Buyers advocates tips include:

Follow the ripple:

  • If you cannot afford to buy in your suburb of choice, buyers advocates advise to try a nearby suburb where price growth may ripple outwards.

Get attached:

  • Apartments, units, semi-detached townhouses and terrace houses are typically cheaper than standalone houses.

Buy a rental:

  • Buying an investment property rather than a home can make a lot of sense financially and can mean you have more options to think about in regards to size, location and amenities.


  • Buyers advocates know what properties will perform over others. It is not all about location either, location is important but it’s much more than just the right suburb or even the right street.