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How do I find an investment grade property?

Here is what we do:

• Continuously review the market place and the various factors driving demand and supply;

• Review properties for sale (both on and off-market) using a comprehensive selection technique that considers location, property type and property attributes;

• Properties under analysis are then subjected to an Investment Fundamentals Test to ensure a demonstrable history of investment performance;

• The final step for the remaining properties is a peer review that involves a physical inspection of the property and discussion by the team of advisers.

If you're interested in working with a WBP property adviser to buy an investment-grade property, call WBP today on 1300 302 581 to book in for your cost and obligation free consultation. Alternatively, come along to one of our regular Property Symposiums to not only learn the fundamentals of selecting high performing property, but also to find out more about WBP's approach and to meet the team.