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What is an investment grade property?

Not all residential properties make great investments. Less than 10% of properties outperform the market growth rate in most conditions. When the market is accelerating, only a select few properties tend to lead the pack, and when it slows, it is these properties which tend to hold their value. As the capital value grows over time, so does the owner's equity along with the rental dollar return these properties provide.

If you're interested in working with a WBP property adviser to buy an investment-grade property, call WBP today on 1300 302 581 to book in for your cost and obligation free consultation. Alternatively, come along to one of our regular Property Symposiums to not only learn the fundamentals of selecting high performing property, but also to find out more about WBP's approach and to meet the team.


"An estimated 80,000 sales were recorded in Melbourne in 2013; of these, we consider less than 1400 or 2% as investment grade properties."

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