Finding the right house or an investment property can be really hard work.  All too often buyers end up settling for the property that they can find - rather than the property they want to buy.

WBP Property can help. Australia’s leading valuation service has just launched WBP PropertyBuy, a unique approach to finding and buying property - where we do the hard work and you end up with the right property…

House Hunting
Many Australians realise that their home is not only a place to live; it’s actually the biggest investment they’ll ever make in their lives. If they can find a property which consistently grows at a market leading rate, their home will become a crucial tax effective asset that can help them secure their financial independence – sooner!

It’s a great strategy but unfortunately only a small percentage of properties on the market deliver, once repayments, inflation and expenses are taken into account. Finding and identifying properties with the right profile can be extraordinarily difficult.

The right properties aren't necessarily expensive or glamorous, nor are they cheap or located in so-called hot spots. What they do have in common is they have all 14 factors which drive growth in residential property in place.

Drawing on nearly two decades of experience in the property market, WBP PropertyBuy utilises a unique factor-analysis selection technique designed specifically to identify these properties amongst the thousands listed for sale each month.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal home or right investment, WBP PropertyBuy can help find you the right property!

To find out more call 1300 302 581 or complete our online property services enquiry form and select residential real estate advisory.

WBP PropertyBuy is currently only available in Melbourne.

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