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It’s Valentine’s Day - that time of year when we’re compelled to reflect on our love lives. But, for those whose passions are more than just romantic and whose “heart is where the home is” we’ve examined your perfect property match instead.

Feature Pic 161205 thumbDetoxification is a process of achieving and maintaining balance – specifically, eliminating harmful and destructive processes and practices to restore optimum vitality. While it typically refers to the physical body the same principles can also apply to property investment – think of it as a property health-check.

Undertaken once each year, the process involves a review of the past health or performance of your property, a maintenance check on holding costs, and assessment about how all of these factors impact future asset performance.

But that’s putting the horse before the cart.

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Despite strong demand it’s not uncommon for a portion of properties to pass in at auction. Reasons can range from poor interest in a property or unrealistic price expectations, to the timing of the auction relative to other key events, among others. Irrespective of the reason, it doesn't necessarily spell disaster.

In Melbourne, the share of properties passed in at auction is typically around 15 to 20% of total auction volumes each weekend. While a proportion of these properties sell soon after, some do not and are instead listed for private sale.

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We spoke with property expert and WBP Executive Chairman, Greville Pabst, about the latest season of The Block and what he thought about the auction results.

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Melbourne’s residential property market has created wealth for many astute homeowners and investors in recent years with figures revealing 35 consecutive quarters of growth during the most recent cycle, representing an increase of more than 42% to the median dwelling price in Melbourne.

However, the diverse landscape of Melbourne’s housing constituency means that not all property types and locations perform at the same level. While demand for well-located quality residential real estate remains healthy, cautious buyers are showing heightened discrimination to flawed properties.

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Since kicking off in the middle of 2012, the Australian housing market’s current growth cycle has seen Sydney residential property values increase by a staggering 64%. While growth remains strong in Sydney and Melbourne, growth rates in these cities have been tapering since the middle of last year. The annual pace of growth in Sydney has since moderated to 9.4% over the twelve months to August 2016, around half the rate recorded in the previous twelve months.