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We all know the mind works in funny ways but when it comes to buying property it can seem outright whacky. Here's a list of some of the strangest habits when it comes to property and the psychology behind them.

Units or apartments are a popular choice for a growing number of Australian property investors, namely, because units provide more affordable entry into the marketplace than their counterpart, houses. When comparing REIV’s current Melbourne median house price of $725,000 with the unit price of $538,000, the choice for many investors is a no brainer.

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The property industry is represented by a range of specialised professionals, each with a unique role to play in the property construction and transaction lifecycle.

While regulations, qualifications and experience differ from profession to profession there is a universal set of skills and factors used by the best property professionals when assessing the suitability of a property…whether they’re conscious of it or not.

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When buying a property, deciding how much to offer can seem tricky. There are many factors to consider, not to mention there’s often disconnect between what the seller expects, what you’re willing to pay and the actual market value of the property.

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Contemplating selling your house or apartment this spring? Before doing so it’s wise to undertake a thorough inspection to determine maintenance, or even renovations, required to present your property in the very best light.

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With spring at the door property listings are set to surge in Melbourne in coming weeks. While lower volumes work in favour of vendors during winter, dynamics shift in spring when vendors compete for buyer dollars. This shift between supply and demand can have implications for property prices – that being what a vendor is willing to accept and what a buyer is willing to pay.

This change can catch many a buyer and vendor unaware, with outdated information hindering outcomes to the tune of thousands of dollars.