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When buying a property it’s often important to obtain finance preapproval - firstly to know your budgetary constraints, but also to enable you to move quickly when you find the perfect property.

But, preapproval isn’t a guarantee. Instead, it’s an indication of the amount a lender is prepared to fund in ideal circumstances.

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Australians spend billions of dollars on home improvement each year, as they renovate, extend and improve their properties. It’s a popular topic among homebuyers and investors alike, with many people interested to know how to add value to their property, while improving its amenity and appeal.

Feature Pic 160801According to a national survey undertaken by St. George Bank, when buying a property most Australians inspect an average of 12 properties before finally purchasing one. Yet, surprisingly, the average buyer spends just 1 hour (in fact 62.5 minutes) inspecting that final property, with alarming implications.

Feature Pic 160728Property and attitudes towards it have changed significantly over recent years. But, two truths remain universally present - that being, people require shelter, and buying property is the biggest investment most people make in their lives.

Feature Pic 160531Property is in the headlines again – well, to be fair it never really left. But, the topic most prominent at present is off-the-plan apartment sales and the impact of the tsunami of stock due to hit our capital city markets in the next 24 months.

Feature Pic 160420Property is a popular asset class in Australia, attractive for its relative stability when compared with other asset types. In fact, according to ABS statistics, historically, about a third of all new housing loan commitments are to investors.