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Feature Pic 160317Competition for property remains fierce among homebuyers and investors alike in many capital cities, but, vendors aside, when it comes to buying property there can only be one winner.

Feature Pic 160316A vendor’s advocate or adviser is a qualified property professional who represents you (the seller) during the process of selling a property. Vendor’s advocates assist the seller in the initial stages of selecting a selling agent and setting a reserve or sale price, and oversee the sale campaign through to sale and settlement.

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In 2015, WBP conducted a research study on off-the-plan sales following a growing number of off-the-plan sales falling short of purchase price at time of settlement. The study included 1794 off-the-plan sales in Victoria between December 2009 and August 2015.

Feature Pic 160111Thousands of properties are bought and sold around Australia each year. However, despite the frequency of transactions, the process is by no means simple. Assessing the performance potential of a property is timing consuming. In fact, it’s estimated the average Joe typically invests around 19 hours before throwing their hat in the ring for just one property.

Feature Pic 151022Australia has experienced strong housing growth in recent years, with the country’s median house price increasing 10.6% and unit price 7.4% in the 12 months to August, according to the latest research.

Feature Melb 151009Melbourne has made international headlines in 2015. It was crowned world’s most liveable city yet again, but it’s also drawing attention because of its property markets. The city has seen a sharp upward trend in residential real estate prices during the last 18 months, the city growing by 10.6% in the last twelve months alone, attracting attention from investors and homebuyers alike.