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Feature pic - 110410Another year draws to a close and with it attentions turn to property market performance – both past and future. But, whether looking at capital city performance as a whole, specific suburbs or even specific streets it’s important to acknowledge each property market has its own ebbs and flows. That is, each market has as a different cycle, subject to many combinations of factors including affordability, supply, employment and, importantly, confidence, which makes predicting future market performance tricky.

Feature Image 140919There’s been furore from the public following the outcome of channel Nine’s latest season of reality television program, The Block. Dubbed The Glasshouse, the season met a surprising conclusion when several of the five newly renovated apartments situated in well-known suburb, Prahran, failed to generate the buyer interest and prices seen in previous seasons of the reality TV show.

Stock photo -Old Couple Shopping Online Wit 4162028 - editCompare a homebuyer’s and an investor’s list of considerations for selecting a property - how different do you think they might be? Many argue these distinct buyer groups have different property selection criteria, apart from a few minor variances. However, I believe they are more similar than not – or at least should be.

Stock image - Residential houseAustralians have a love affair with real estate. But with such passion often comes polarised opinion, leading to the creation of many fallacies, which although born from conjecture, become rooted in popular belief. Here’s a brief look at the most common fallacies in Australian real estate.

It’s been a strong year for Melbourne’s residential property sector and as we are not long past the mid-point, it’s an opportune time to review what has transpired and assess what lies in store for the rest of the year.

Market conditions strengthened in Adelaide’s residential property sector during 2013, with the trend driving the local market from strength to strength in 2014 - particularly in Adelaide’s tightly held inner suburbs.