Welcome to the August 2012 edition of WBP's Property Outlook Magazine.

This issue reviews the performance of Australia's capital cities in addition to a feature article about WBP valuer Tom Kowpak's journey to the summit of Mt. Everest. It also includes a review on property investment strategies and an article about the impact of Clean Energy on property prices. And if you are looking to buy property in the next few months, be sure to read our preparation tips for spring buyers.

We invite you to make a comment on the topics covered using the blogging function at the end of each article.


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From the CEO's Desk
Written by Greville Pabst

Standing on top of the world
Written by Tom Kowpak

Property update: Melbourne
Written by Brendan Smith

Property update: Regional Victoria
Written by Patrick Brady

Property update: Sydney
Written by Chris Lackey

Property update: NewcastleButton - Download PDF
Written by David Turner

Preparing for property investment
Written by Phil Manning

Property update: Adelaide
Written by Bart Quinn

Property update: South-East Queensland
Written by Daniel Lewis

Property update: Perth
Written by Brendan Aylmore

Your home will be carbon priced
Written by Greville Pabst

The Retail Revolution
Written by Phillip Walter

Regulating investment
Written by Greville Pabst

Commercial property update
Written by Justin Thomas

Property investment strategies reviewed
Written by Greville Pabst

Q&A: Talking Property Management
An interview with Phillip Walter