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If you are buying, selling or renovating property, a WBP valuation by one of WBP's professional property valuers can help you make informed decisions that could save you precious time and money. You may also require a valuation if you're in a legal dispute involving property or for taxation, self-managed super and insurance purposes. See below for a full list of property valuation purposes.

"A valuer assesses the value of land, buildings, improvements and other factors that influence the current or past value of your property, a process that usually involves an external and internal inspection of the property. Valuers are independent with no vested interest in the properties they value." Order now

Purpose of a valuation report.

A valuation report is a professional and legal assessment of the value of your property prepared for many different purposes:

  • Mortgage/refinancing
  • Before-You-Sell: price/reserve setting
  • Before-You-Buy: to ensure you buy good value
  • Insurance replacement cost
  • Divorce or business dissolution
  • Capital gains tax calculations
  • Stamp duty calculations when transferring property ownership
  • Estate/probate proceedings
  • Rental determination
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Current or retrospective market value



Securing a unique or market leading property can be complex and challening, with many tricks and traps a buyer needs to consider. Using a professional negotiator to identify and secure the property of your choice gives you a distinct advantage over other property purchasers.

A buyer’s adviser removes the emotion, stress and frustration during the negotiation process of a private sale or bidding at auction. Despite the thousands of auctions and private sales held every week many buyers continue to lose out. Bidding against professional buyers’ representatives, inexperience at the auction process and a lack of preparation greatly hinders many buyers’ chances.

If you have found your dream home or a identified a property you consider optimal for investment don’t waste any more time. Let a WBP property advisor do the work in securing the property for you.

Increase your chances

Our negotiating and auction bidding service greatly increases your chances of securing the right property at a good and accurate price. Our negotiating strategies and auction expertise has greatly benefitted our clients; saving them time, frustration and money, and placing them at a distinct advantage in the buying process.

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Maximise the benefits of owning investment property.

Tax Depreciation Schedules

A tax depreciation schedule prepared by a qualified quantity surveyor can help you maximise the tax benefits of owning investment property. It is a document that highlights items of plant, equipment and capital costs that may be depreciated and written off over time.

To find out more about how a tax depreciation schedule can help you and to obtain a quote, please call WBP on 1300 302 581 or submit an enquiry online.

Tax-related Valuation Reports

There are several types of valuations conducted to assess the value of real property for tax, accounting and statutory purposes. These include, but are not limited to the following valuations:

Capital Gains Tax

A Capital Gains Tax valuation is required for taxation purposes by investors who sell a property that was purchased as an investment post September 20, 1985, or who have leased their property after owner-occupation.


A GST valuation is required for taxation purposes by investors who sell a property that was purchased as an investment post September 20, 1985, or have leased their property after owner-occupation.

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