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"Selling a property can be complex and time consuming. There is a lot to consider to ensure you receive the maximum selling price." Greville Pabst - CEO, WBP Property

A WBP seller's adviser, also known as a vendor's advocate, will remove the uncertainty, save you time by managing the process, and maximise your selling price - at no extra cost to you as the seller. 

A WBP Adviser will:

  1. Evaluate and recommend the best individual selling agent for your property.                               
  2. Ensure you pay a rate of commission that reflects the commitment required by the selling agent in the current market.
  3. Advise and oversee the marketing plan for your property, including advertising methods, schedule and budget.
  4. Formulate a sales plan, including the method of sale and timing, and advise on setting the reserve or for-sale price independent of the agent.
  5. Represent you during the negotiation process, particularly if selling by auction, to maximum the sale price.

WBP seller's advisers are independent and are accountable to you throughout the selling process. 

Find out how a WBP seller's adviser can help you. Call 1300 302 581 or enquire online now.


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